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Biopharmaceuticals carry the hope of successful management or even cure of diseases that have currently no satisfactory treatment options. In the middle of the Corona pandemic, vaccines provide the reassurance that we can overcome the worst health threats even in the face of weak preparedness and fragmented policies that leave room for desire. It's a fantastic field to work in and it feels like a good time to start our twin-blog, which we call...

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The manufacturing twin at GeminiWrites tells stories of bioprocessing technology and its most efficient and economic use. Essentially we take deep dives into what is the field of work for most of our readers, biologics production or the preparations for it.

The discovering twin at GeminiReads encourages you to read stories that might place you outside your comfort zone, let you consider facts that don't fit with common awareness, and bring you closer to developments that seem to be far away in space or time.

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After a few weeks of absence from the blog, today’s update has the third part of the Integrated Bioprocessing story: "Inoculation Train and Cell Culture". Read about the best strategies to boost your productivity: it all happens upstream! Become a member, log in and download a list of selected, current references I found when researching for this part of the story. Please do, I still like to have more people joining my site, not the least as an indication that the work I put in is appreciated. Why not give me some feedback too...

My comprehensive review of global disease and healthcare priorities is still on here for download once you are logged in to the site as a member of this blog!

Gemini Links is regularly being updated with links related to key topics in our industry and in the world. The most recent one highlights cybersecurity in a fun way (before its too late). There is also a link to a scary story about what can happen to you once you or your family have been hit by COVID-19, its not just the disease!

On Gemini Views we tell or recommend stories with a long-term perspective, we acknowledge that things are often more complex than they look or than what we would like them to be, and we realise that our views are not holding the exclusive sensational and true facts.

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